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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

10 tips for healthy skin

What is healthy skin?

"Healthy skin is the skin that looks and feels good. It's smooth and has a healthy glow. It's well moisturised - neither too dry nor too oily. Healthy skin reflects a healthy body"

Dr Emma Edmonds, a dematologist for the British Skin Foundation.

1. Relax - Smile, take time to relax, try to be positive.

2. Sleep - Getting enough sleep is important; lack of sleep causes under-eye bags. The amount of sleep needed per night depends on the individual - work out your ideal amount of sleep and stick to it.

3. Nutrition - Eat a balanced diet. Go easy on the sugar as this can encourage overgrowth of certain bacteria and yeasts on the skin.

4. Water - Drink plenty of water.

5. Moisturising - Moisturising according to your skin type. Dry skin needs regular moisturising. If you have oily skin, use a moisturiser that is tailored to your skin, otherwise it will clog your pores.

6. Exercise - Healthy skin reflects a healthy body, therefore exercise has an indirect effect on the skin.

7. Washing - Washing your skin removes the build up of dirt, sweat and bacteria that can accumulate during the day. However, using normal soap can dry your skin.

8. Sun - The sun can age your skin prematurely and give you wrinkles. It can also increase your risk of certain skin cancers. You should always use a high sun protection factor, wear a hat and cover up.

9. Alcohol - Drink alcohol in moderation (women not more than 21 units a week, men 28 units a week).

10. Smoking - DON'T! Smoking reduces the blood supply to your skin therefore nutrients and oxygen cannot get to your skin and impurities cannot get taken away.


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